Special General Meeting Discussion

This is the discussion page for an SGM to be called to discuss the unpleasant situation resulting from the AGM that was held on 2015-11-22. This page is used to refer to discussions happening around the proposed business.

Call by Members



Mario Lipinski


Alexander Bahlo

2016-02-28, 2016-03-01

Ian Grigg


Jeffery Frederick


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Gero Treuner



The meeting will be held the PUT DATE HERE of PUT MONTH HERE, PUT TIME HERE UTC in the IRC channel #SGM on the irc.cacert.org IRC server. Procedures should be followed, check there for more help. To help, please be there very early so we can get people voiced up.

The meeting is public, everyone is allowed to attend. The SGM will be moderated, only association members will be voiced.

Please make sure your fees are paid up.


For this SGM, business must be notified to the secretary:

  1. As the first order of business, to consider and vote on each and every properly submitted membership application received by the the secretary in the proceeding sixty days, up to the opening of the SGM that has either not yet been admitted to the association as a member, or have been refused membership.
    1. see New Members for list of new members.

  2. To consider, and if thought fit, to vote on the following resolutions:
    1. RESOLVED, that the membership is disheartened by the recently elected committee and its persistent disrespect for properly established arbitration policies and procedures.
    2. RESOLVED, that the committee as constituted no longer enjoys the confidence of the members, and each committee member is removed from their position. Rule 20.
      • In the event that 2. fails, 2.b is called for each member in turn:
      • 2.b RESOLVED, that the member NAME no longer enjoys the confidence of the members, and NAME is removed from their position. Rule 20.
    3. RESOLVED, that CAcert Inc has been placed into an unacceptable breach of our CAcert Community Agreement, is no longer acting in the interests of the community, and is therefore no longer a suitable vehicle for the community's property and role as executive.
      • if 3. passes, then propose this motion 4.:
    4. RESOLVED, that CAcert Inc be placed under emergency administration by a caretaker board of 3 Australian members who are empowered to wind up the association in consultation with OFT and transfer the property to a new corporation.
      • Else, if 3. fails, propose this motion 5.:
    5. RESOLVED, that
      • CAcert Inc's actions were the sole responsibility of the committee members,
      • that CAcert Inc with a duly formed committee that respects and abides by the rulings of arbitration enjoys our confidence in the future, and
      • that the liabilities of CAcert Inc during the period of troubles should remain strictly limited under our DRP as if arbitration was not suspended.
    6. RESOLVED, the new committee is to create a detailed and fully transparent, uncensored report of the old committee's activities since the AGM to which all members of the community may contribute. This report is to be presented to a general meeting for ratification.
  3. If the above motion to remove the committee is carried, RESOLVED to elect a new board.
  4. To consider, and if thought fit, accept any nominations from the floor to fill any casual board vacancies arising.

Additional business of a general nature can be notified until 14 days before the meeting (as the secretary may send out an update 14 days before). For politeness and management, get it into the secretary earlier. Rule Changes to the association's rules require 21 days, and is now closed.

Nominations for committee members (board directors) should be sent to the Secretary (secretary at cacert) in signed email. CC to the cacert-board at cacert. Also, if you want someone to second your nomination, CC that person.

Ordinary Resolutions

A member may propose a resolution in a general meeting. Members must be notified 14??? days in advance of the motions, in a call for a general meeting.

The following (ordinary) resolutions will be / have been received by the Secretary:


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