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Reinhard Mutz


* working as a freelancer in IT since 1985

* using openSUSE in my home office

* PRINCE2 qualified practitioner


I live in Leipzig/Saxony since 1991.I moved from west to east (that is the "opposite direction" B-) )

If U want me to assure U please write an email ... That is no longer valid. I decided to leave the assurance team.

Email: . . . . . . .


* Chemnitz CLT 2012

* ATE-Jena March 2012

* ATE-Leipzig 2012

* Chemnitz CLT 2013

* ATE-Amberg 2014

* Chemnitz CLT 2014 mit Vortrag;

* Datenspuren 2014, Dresden

* ATE-Dresden 2015

* Chemnitz CLT 2016 mit Workshop zu Smartcards

2016-04-09 SGM
A majority of members of CAcert Incorporated wanted the current board to dismiss because they have been "dishartened" by me and board.

I decided to leave CAcert Incorporated with immediate effect of today. I cannot represent CAcert any further. Therefor I will leave the community as well.

Good Bye!



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