Apparently I'm the first one here so I get to actually create the page!

Jack Jansen was here.

Ivana Belgers was here too.

And so was Wytze van der Raay (inserting some spaces along the way).

Karsten Thygesen, Denmark, here - 35 points - working on getting more :)

Gergely Nagy, Hungary/Szombathely - still 0 points, but this will change ;)

TheAnarcat was here.

SteveWeinreich was here too :-)

RussHerrold reverted out some wiki spam, and added the Central Ohio Linux User Group Assurer information to AssurerGroups

Guillaume Romagny is here and out there. CAcert : I want to believe.

H. P. Holm, Randers, Denmark - A CAcert WoT User, Hans-Werner Guth - Cologne - Germany

Anonymous was here too.

Matt was here too!

Kai was here, looking for information about a free certificate for Kai's private homepage

Django, Django aka Michael Nausch - Munich - Germany

Iang. Why am I here? Why aren't you there: AuditToDo ?

UlrichSchroeter. A better starting for Audit Overview: Audit Next Steps ;-)


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