Policies are documents that are binding on the community, and designed to meet audit requirements. They might be considered to be "our law" within CAcert Community (although more accurately, they sit alongside other laws and documents) and they are the first documents that the Arbitrator reaches for in any dispute.

As an Assurer, you should be strongly aware of what policies exist, where to find them, and the rough nature of their contents. You don't need to know *everything* in there, but typically a question that is asked of you by a Member will be answered: "oh, that will be in our XYZ policy."

Important Policies

All policies in effect are listed in the Controlled Document List.


You can find all the fully approved policies at cacert.org/policy/. Some binding policies in DRAFT status will be found in the SVN repository, but we will typically be moving those to the main website in time.

All policies in effect, and many of the working efforts, are listed in the Controlled Document List. If it isn't listed there, it isn't a policy.

For more information on the structure and location of policies, see the Editor's Guide to Good Policy.

Documents typically follow a track that also implies their location. In reverse order to the above.

Where do policies come from?

Policies generally derive from Audit requirements. See EggPol on Authority for more info.

Other documents that are useful but outside that scope should be named by other labels, so as to not confuse. For example: Manual, Guideline, Practices, etc.

Work To Be Done

For priorities, ask on policy group and see the detailed Tasks list.


According to PoP 6.2, all policies are owned by CAcert Inc, as our contributions are transferred fully across. The quid pro quo found in PoP 6.4 is that CAcert Inc now licenses the documents back again under open Creative-Commons-Attribution-Share-Alike licence with all disputes resolved under own Arbitration / DRP.

For more technical detail, see EggPol on Licence.

Process / Places

The main place to look at is the policy group. This is the mailing list to create, review and vote on policies.

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