Pieter van Emmerik

Born on 16-2-1958 in Bendigo - Australia, grew up in the Netherlands.
Went to college in Haren (near Groningen) in the Netherlands.
Studied Mechanical Engineering at Twente University from 1977.
In 1986 I received a Master of Science degree in engineering.
From 1986 to 1994 I worked on developing Computer Aided Desig and Computer Aided Manufactoring systems for Signaal, a Duch Defence Contractor.
After that I have worked for a Project company creating technical automation solutions among which systems to monitor and secure the perimeter of sites owned by the Dutch Gasuni.
In 1998 I started working for a Thales Netherlands to manage the Configuration Management and Product Data Management applications they use, including the security around them.
I live in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

Assurer (Assurer Challenge Certificate nr 000419) since October 2008.
CAcert membership Approved on 2009-08-22 m20090818.1
Translated some flyers from English to Dutch (Nederlands)
Organized the booth at NLUUG Fall Conference 2009 (nj09)
Email: <pve.cacert@gmail.com>


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