Organisation Assurance Manual

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Assure Organisations

What happens if the administrator leaves?

The organisation's name cannot be included in the certificate

Organisations are People too

If certificates are to be used for securing eMail communication all employees of the organisation have to be assured by standard CAcert Assurances

What can an organisation do once it is assured by CAcert?

Issue Server-Certificates for their domains including their organisation's name

Issue Client-Certificates for their employees including their organisation's name

E-Mail Signing

Use encrypted e-mails for confidential communication

Employ secure single sign-on

Issue Code-Signing-Certificates including the organisation's name

Improve reliability of their software

Improve internal system security

Multiple Administators

Things a company should know when using CAcert certificates

The Organisation Assurer's Job

What are the challenges in assuring an organisation

What needs to get verified during assurance?

What are you liable for when assuring an organisation?



Process of documentation (WIP)

The German OA try to do the documentation of an Organisation Assurance in the CAcert Ticket System OTRS to have the chance to keep track of all German Organisation Assurances.

For the required steps see Manual OTRS.

Procedures for specific countries

For the up to date list see Organisation Assurers List Ditto, use the SupPols!

I think we can delete this table and refer to the newer working page?

see newer list

Online Interface Main Features

Questions to be dealt with

Consequences of the changes in the life of the assured Organisation

Inputs & Thoughts

Inputs and thoughts for the prove of the signature of the COAP applicant