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How to proof of the signature of the COAP applicant?

The problem: How to proof the signature of the applicant of the COAP form

In some counties so far it was common practise to send a photocopy of the ID acrd to proof the signature of the applicant. But for example in Grermany ther is a new law that is prohibbeting the photocopy of the German ID card.

So what can be an solution?

Proposal for the proof of the signature to be used for all countries (2012-04-17)

  1. For the proof of signature of the Organisation Assurance Applicant the most wanted prove is the personal witness of the signing by the Organisation Assurer.
  2. If this is not possible any CAcert Assurer should be able to witness the signing and put his CARS statement onto the COAP form:
  3. I, John Doe, primary@email.address, witness the signing of this COAP form by Applicants Name, Date and CARS
  4. It is preferred that the CAcert Assurer should not be one of the nominated Organisation Assurer, but if there are no other CAcert Assurer available it could be a fall back. Then the Organisation Assurer must try to identify if there is a possible point of conflict of interest.

In any case must the Organisation Assurer check that the witnessing CAcert Assurer is really an Assurer. For this he writes an email to support to check if the witness is CAcert Assurer;

Dear support

In the case of an organisation assurance I need to know if John Doe, primary@email.adress , is an CAcert assurer as he witness the signing of the COAP form and signed this form with CARS

Jane Doe
Organisation Assurer

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