Ken Schumacher

In my full-time role, I am a Unix Systems Administrator at Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Batavia, IL. I began working at Fermilab in Jan 1997. In Oct 2008, I began working with the HPC Department which oversees several large High-Performance computing clusters, primarily for use by USQCD. My group manages nearly 1700 nodes in 7 clusters. This works out to over 21,000 CPUs and 150 GPUs.

Outside of Fermilab, I am a Senior Assurer and TTP Assurance Administrator with I am available for face-to-face assurances in the western suburbs of Chicago. I have a local CAcert information page that should answer most questions about how to arrange to meet up with me to be assured. As a experienced Assurer, I can grant you up to 35 trust points. And I encourage all those that I assure to go through the steps of assuring me as well. There is no better practice than doing an assurance for someone who is experienced and understand the process.

My experience with trusted identity and such

I have been a PGP user since 1994. I have attended several PGP Key Signing BoF1 sessions at various LISA conferences and this has allowed me to build up quite a collection of signatures on my PGP Keys.

At the 2004 LISA conference in Atlanta GA, I signed up to host the PGP key signing BoF. I was contacted before the conference by Teus Hagen and Rudi van Drunen who were setting up a CAcert BOF session. That session was scheduled for right after the PGP session. I collected enough assurance points before the session that I was able to help with assurances at the session. We easily attained critical mass and the assurances went on into the wee hours of the night. I spent most of my free time over the next several days explaining CAcert and the assurance process in small hallway gatherings. While at that conference I assured 35 people and I was assured by 24 people new to the process, helping them earn points so they could assure others.

I also led both the PGP key signing BoF and the BoF sessions at several recent LISA events. We assured 9 new people at the LISA'09 conference in Baltimore, MD. And we assured 8 new people at the LISA'10 conference in San Jose, CA. We assured 9 new people at the LISA'12 conference in San Diego, CA 9-14 Dec 2012. And most recently, we assured several people atthe LISA'14 conference in Seattle, WA 9-14 Nov 2014.

The Most Recent Events

I will be attending the LISA'15 conference in Washington DC 10-13 Nov 2015. I have scheduled the GPG key signing BoF and the BoF sessions. Both will held on Tuesday evening, 10 Nov 2015. The sessions will take place in the Jefferson Room of the Washington Marriott Wardman Park. This event is open to the public. You do not need a conference badge and there is no charge to attend.

I have updated the presentation I used at previous conferences. I improved slides which introduce the community and describing the assurance process. There will be several qualified assurers present to do assurances for new community members. We encourage mutual assurances as an excellent training experience and for new members to gain experience points. If you became an assurer at a previous event, you can gain experience by helping with assurances at this event. Additional information is found on the event page on the CAcert Wiki site.

If you are in the Washington area and you can't make it to the Tues evening Assurance event, please contact me anyway. I would be happy to meet you one-on-one at some other time during the rest of the week while I am at the conference.

My current involvement in CAcert Community

I have been doing Face-to-Face assurances since I joined CAcert in 2004. In September 2013, I was able to get some one-on-one training and complete a Co-Audit. With those accomplished, I qualified as a Senior Assurer. I was then nominated and became a TTP-Assurer. There are two of us who handle most of the TTP Assurances for the USA (including territories like Puerto Rico). I set aside time once or twice each week for sending out and processing TTP CAP forms.

I am actively working at providing assurance opportunities locally and at conferences as I am able. In November 2013 I gave a presentation at a local computer professionals group. The topic was Identity Management with an introduction to It was very well received. I recently joined several CAcert mailing lists, including the cacert-policy list. It has been a very good learning experience.

Email: <ken AT SPAMFREE cacert DOT org>

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  1. BoF stands for "Birds of a Feather". It is a gathering where people meet to discuss a topic of common interest (1)

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