John Pappas

I am a cofounder of Abacus Solutions Group, a Consulting and Recruiting company specializing in Information Technology.
My particular specialty is Enterprise Storage Management and Architecture planning.

Beyond the work life, I am an Open Source user and proponent, having been using Linux exclusively on all of my systems since 1998. I maintain Microsoft knowledge by using Windows on top of VMWare. My personal soapbox item is the use of binary, propietary formats to store critical information.

I reside in Texas, USA and spend my non-tech time exercising to compensate for the sedentary time in front of the machine.

Conatct info:
Abacus Solutions Group, LLC
Co Founder, Information Technology
1919 Oakwell Farms Parkway, Suite 210
San Antonio, TX 78218
United States of America
W: +1 210.293.6400
C: +1 210.383.3851
F: +1 210.587.2450

Email: <John.pappas AT SPAMFREE abacussg DOT com>



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