Email: <jandd AT SPAMFREE cacert DOT org>

IRC: jandd

I'm a Software Architect from Dresden, Germany and work in the Infrastructure team. I'm also interested in CAcert software development.

I'm a Debian Developer and have almost 20 years of experience in the professional software engineering field.

I'm team lead of the Infrastructure Team and admin of Infra02, our LXC based infrastructure host, and many non-critical infrastructure systems.

My preferred programming languages (in descending order) are:




former upstream of sqlalchemy-migrate and Debian Member Portfolio Service, member of Debian's Python Modules and Applications teams, lots of custom code for system administration tasks


implemented the new board motion system and other web and CLI tools using Go. I like Go's comprehensive standard library, it's great aproach to concurrency and the small binary compilation results.


certified as SCJP, SCWCD, SCDJWS. Broad experience with Spring, REST and SOAP WebServices and big enterprise applications


most Debian work is writing Makefiles (debian/rules) containing shell code, bash used for common administration tasks


MediaWiki and Drupal development and customizations, don't really like it though


for grunt work at low level, I maintain some C based Debian packages (see my DDPO page for details), co-upstream of cracklib (primarily maintaining the Python binding


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