Formally, I am an Assurer, co-auditor and an Association member.


Board purported to sack me with a document labelled Hearing. For the review of the entire community.


These are on my A-List:

  1. Keeping an eye on Policy Group, helping the policies forward.
    • housekeeping: move new and existing DRAFT dox to the main website, and clean up.
    • handling the votes, checking the motions, reviewing the proposals
    • see who the heavy hitters on the Policy Group really are!

    • URL and terms tidyup in all policies

My involvement is far less intense these days.

My B-list is those things that don't directly effect the above priority, but I help when called upon:

The C-list is those things that I'd definitely do if there were three of me, 34 hours in the day, and a bottomless pot of fine coffee:

The X-list is the things I am no longer actively participating in due to circumstances and time:

Caught in the Act


(Note, this above list only covers the period after the Audit termination, mid 2009.)

History: the Audit

I undertook the role of independent auditor from 20060101 until resignation 20090612. So as to meet the requirements of Audit, this work involved (a) helping CAcert to prepare all of the policy documentation, (b) helping to change CAcert's structure, and then (c) conducting (part of) a review of operations against that documentation. Here are some highlights:

Early 2009, enough documentation and enough practice was in place for the audit proper to start up. Unfortunately, this created too much of a strain on the organisation, and the budget, and the audit had to be terminated July 2009.

For these and other reasons I can no longer work in the role of independent Auditor for CAcert.

My many pages on Audit provide a wealth of information on what to do next. See AuditToDo for the running state, HelpingCAcert for general ideas, or ask me. The big numero uno planetary most-wanted target for Audit is: Software. Coming to a conclusion near you. apply now for your ticket.

Other stuff


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