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Sign and encrypt e-mail with Samsung Galaxy (step-by-step guide)

The Gmail app on Android allows neither digital signatures nor encryption. The second e-mail program that is preinstalled on Samsung devices, the Samsung Email App has these features already provided with PGP/GPG. Here is the detailed description of where these functions are hidden and how to use it.

Use Samsung Email App with PGP/GPG

Look here for detailed and illustrated instructions: http://www.gridshore.nl/2013/09/30/setting-up-keys-to-sign-emails-in-samsungs-android-email-app/

You may watch a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVLXi-jQBbk

Where to store the certificates

When you import the key, the program had initially problems, because it was not clear where the keys have to be stored so that they can be imported. The solution: create and export a key with the Android Email client. Then the necessary folders are created on the memory card, in which then keys can be copied to import.

The folder can be named f.eg. openpgp and created on the internal memory card. There is a export directory, in which the key to be imported can be placed in it. You have to export a key first of all, before the program has ever looked to the appropriate folder.

Where to get a certificate

PGP/GPG certificates can be signed and created in your CAcert account at https://www.cacert.org

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