Help - How do I get a secured by CAcert emblem on my site?

CAcert Logos

On this page you find a number of logos to add to your website. Help CAcert to get some publicity by using a logo to link back to or to indicate that you or your website are using a CAcert certificates for security and privacy.

If you want to use the graphics and design, or you want to contribute something, please read the CAcert Styleguide

Collection 1 created by Christoph Probst (November 2004)

Collection 2 in the SVN directory

How can I put a logo on to my website?

It is extremly easy! Just pick an image from the collections above and use it for example with the following html code fragment:

<a href=""><img src="INSERT-FILENAME.PNG" alt="" style="border-width: 0px;" /></a>

The result should get you something like

Create more badges

CAcert lives from the community! If you want to contribute additional images please send them to CAcert Mailinglist <cacert AT lists SPAMFREE DOT cacert DOT org> to have them added to this website.

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