Governmental Certificates

CAcert has asked itself the following questions regarding governments and governmental organisations interested to issue certificates through, for or with CAcert:

Yes. We don´t want to discriminate governmental organisations. We might not actively promote CAcert for governments at the moment, but we also won´t be against such projects.

Yes, if they are officially registered organisations, that´s currently the easiest way to get and use CAcert certificates.

Yes, that´s also a good idea. Our Assurers handbook should help there.

Yes, combining the issueing of IDs and CAcert assurance would also be good way, that does not need policy changes on either side.

We think that it will be best for governmental organisations interested in that to contact us directly, and talk it through with us.

CAcert will only provide the logfiles related to the certificates of a specific organisation to that organisation.

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