FAQ - Donations Guideline

CAcert Inc. is a non-profit association which is legally able to accept donations. CAcert adheres to strict guidelines about how this money can to be used.


Donations can be either paid to our Westpac account or our Paypal account.

Donations Incoming

There are a couple of Donation incomes based on procedures

General rule:

Use of Funds

Donations goes to either westpac or paypal account and are shared with the other incomes, to pay

Audit Funding

Audit costs are too expensive to be paid from the regular donations for operations so this will become a seperate project under the Audit masterplan.

  1. New roots ceremony
  2. Audit over Assurance
  3. Audit over Systems



All accounts are controlled under the authority of the Treasurer of CAcert Inc., as appointed by the Board. Therefore, CAcert Inc. rules on Financial Accounts are applied. Every year, a financial report [1] covering the accounts is prepared for the AGM and submitted in summary form for the regulator (OFT in NSW).


There have been discussions over time about whether donations should be published, for open governance purposes. Some people have been violently against publication of donations, insisting that they are privacy things. Others have wondered what the fuss was all about :) Right now, the Board can see all donations, but nobody else.


In the early days, there was some degree of concern because it was felt that a competitor could donate a lot of money and effectively buy the board. (It's not that hard, give me a lot of money and I'll show you how to do it ... :P )

I think these days we are a lot more relaxed. Also, we are now a lot stronger.

All of these form a strong cultural and business platform which lifts us higher. Our membership is stronger, larger and more discerning.

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