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Information for CAcert Assurer

From the CAP form:

The CAcert Assurance Programme (CAP) aims to verify the identities of Internet users through face-to-face witnessing of government issued identity documents. The Applicant asks you to verify to CAcert.org that you have met them and verified their identity against one or more original, trusted, government photo identity documents. If you have ANY doubts or concerns about the Applicant's identity, DO NOT COMPLETE OR SIGN this form. For more information about the CAcert Assurance Programme, including detailed guides for CAcert Assurers, please visit: http://www.CAcert.org
As the assurer, you are required to keep the signed document on file for 7 years. Should Cacert Inc. have any concerns about a meeting taking place, Cacert Inc. can request proof, in the form of this signed document, to ensure the process is being followed correctly. After 7 years if you wish to dispose of this form it's preferred that you shred and burn it. You do not need to retain copies of ID at all.

Most important:

Getting organized

Building Assurer Groups

If you know a bunch of other assurers in your area, why don't you sign up as an AssurerGroups - that helps people to get their full assurance as quickly as possible.

Notify people of upcoming events

If there is an event in your area, maybe you can organise a little mass assuring and post a pointer on UpcomingEvents or http://blog.cacert.org - if you organise the event have a look at EventOrganisation

Assuring VIPs

For CAcert it's very important to get some VIP members and to handle them with care. If a VIP is asking you to assure him/her, please read VipAssurance


"I gave someone '''X''' points, but they only got '''Y''' points"

If the amount that you granted exceeds the maximum for the type of program they enrolled in, it is rounded-down and/or ignored. For people assured via the WOT program, the maximum value is 100 points. For people assured via the TTP program (currently frozen), this maximum value is 100 points.

I try to assure someone but the process fails without reason

You're probably using Cert Login with deactivated cookies, are you?

The problem is that the assurance process needs to store data in a cookie. Your Cert does the authenticaten for every page you access but it's like a new login every time. So the assurances scripts loose necessary data and it looks like the site is broken.

See http://wiki.cacert.org/wiki/ContentReviewTeam/case0013 for a bug report.

How should I verify the documents?

E-Learning for Assurers

CAcert has deployed the CAcert Assurer Training Server (CATS). To pass the Assurer Challenge is a requirement in becoming a CAcert Assurer. Find out more at AssurerTraining

Meanwhile the AssurerChallenge is online, so just give it a try!

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