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LISA stands for Large Installation System Administration. This conference has been held annually since 1986. The conferences are held at varying locations in the United States. But they are attended by a large international audience. One of the most valuable aspects of the conference is referred to as the "Hallway Track". The Hallway Track offers the chance to meet and mingle with one's peers as well as industry leaders during breaks and social events during the conference. I have met and even gotten to know many remarkable people (including speakers and authors) in these hallways.

The conferences typically consist of three days of full and half day training sessions and workshops held Sunday through Tuesday. This is followed by three days of technical sessions including presentation of refereed papers, "Guru is in" sessions, invited talks, plenary speakers and a keynote address. There is a 2-day vendor exhibition of new products and available services. And there are three nights of BoF sessions or "Birds-of-a-Feather" sessions.

The BoF sessions are less formal gatherings of user groups and groups who gather to discuss a particular topic of interest. The first CAcert Assurance BoF was held at LISA 2004 in Atlanta, GA. There were at least 35 new assurers by the end of that conference.

LISA has been the meeting place for system and network admins. Created for and by SysAdmins, it’s put on by USENIX, a non-profit organization that’s been working with the advanced technology community since 1975. USENIX offers several other conferences each year.

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