Events Team Leader

(former Event Organisation Officer )

The Events Team Leader is the head of the event office. His tasks are the centralised coordination of CAcert events. This means keeping an overview of upcoming events and naming an event organiser for the events who cares for the event itself.

(S)He supports the event organisers with documentation on how to organise a CAcert event, material which might be required for multiple events (like templates for customised CAP forms, posters, FAQ, flyers etc.) and is the consultant for the event organisers. (S)He also cares about documentation of event organisation and corresponding policies.

For the material (s)he works close together with the Assurance Officer, Marketing and Communications to ensure that the documents are following CAcert's corporate (community) style and contain information validated by CAcert along information important for events.

(S)He cares a list for upcoming events and also manages the event archive with reviews, photos and videos.

The Events Team Leader is the interface to CAcert board and other officers for the event organiser.

The position of the Event Teams Leader is currently filled by Martin Gummi.