Board Decisions via Email in 2007

This section summarizes all decisions voted upon by the board by email. Note that by the nature of email, sometimes discussion continues and previously agreed decisions get changed. Oh, well. We'll try to do better. Use of email for board decisions was formalized by the previous board:

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" Meetings be held over Email
Originally raised 2004.08.23. Proposed J. Wren Hunt 2004.08.24
     to hold list-email 'discussions' (not 'meetings' in the formal
sense of the word) about various topics and at the end of the discussion
have a 3-5 (or however long we decide) day period within which to vote,
again on the list-email. This seems like we can still get all that needs
to be done, done, and without having various members re-arrange schedules.
Aye: ML, DG, NR, Chris Martin, (WH).
Accepted, with 5 days voting. "

Unless otherwise noted below, all motions are passed unanimously, and unless relevant we don't note the mover and seconder.

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Yes, it is board's call to approve or not super-assurers. You are not
doing it instead of the board, but rather helping the board with extra
information, and you are doing an excellent advisory job that way.
Thanks for your efforts, and keep up the good work :)
I see two of three board members (me and rob) endorsing your work. Do
you need a formal vote on it? Just ask and we'll set one.

All three board members voted to delegate decisions regarding super-assurers to Jens for the forseeable future.

Dear CAcert board,
a while ago Advisory presented you a discussion draft of the new CAcert
Organization Structure. Attached you'll find a slightly updated version
(we propose Rasika as a Privacy Officer, not as the Internal Auditor as
stated in the last version).
We seek for formal approval of the new structure. This approval should
include the structure itself, the persons proposed and the following points:
    * The structure of the board and advisory was already approved
      during SGM.
    * The departments (technical, business, policy) reflect the
      different work areas containing several offices each.
    * Each department is leaded by an officer. This officer reports
      directly to the board (and advisory if it the wish of the board).
    * The officers share status informations across each other where
    * Each officer should describe his area in the officers wiki page.
    * Each officer can assemble his own team without further consulting
      of the board. He is primary contact and leader of his team
      members. If they have complains they can use the normal Dispute
      Resolution way.
    * Most officers are new and unexperienced in a management like job.
      Therefore all officers are in interim status only. They can be
      replaced at ANY time if necessary on request of the board or the
      members through Advisory.
    * From the upcoming AGM on, each officers position is valid for the
      next period. The old officer can stay in place or is substituted,
      depending on the vote of the board and the CAcert members.
If board approves this, we would like to use this structure to:
    * Update the officers wiki entry according to the new structure.
    * Post it on the mailing lists to make the structure public plus to
      promote the different departments to get new helping hands into them.
    * Hand it over to PR so that it could be used were necessary.
    * Include it in the education materials to give our new assurers a
      feeling of the who is who behind CAcert.

The board agreed to the draft structure.

m20070811.1: Organization structure as proposed in the attached file OrganizationStructure.png

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