With thousands of assurers inside the community and almost a hundred thousand people already using CAcert certificates, there is a desperate need for proper education out there. As CAcert’s Education Officer you will be responsible for leading the Education Team so it can deliver workshops to the community, create eLearning content and provide other education opportunities.

Detailed Job Description

CAcert’s Education Team will design training courses in all areas of CAcert, in cooperation with other teams like Assurance team for Assurer Training Events or OrgAssurance team for education of Organisation Assurers. Other areas include training about the meaning of digital certificates, using certificates in different applications.

In addition to the creation of the training material, another part of your team's work is the proper delivery of that learning material, for example by implementing an elearning system.

Most of the training needed by the community can be created as self study material. Unfortunately there are some topics (for example: organisation assurance) which may need some moderated training. Therefore, topic number three you have to cover is the organisation of such moderated training events.

Current EducationOfficer is BernhardFröhlich, to contact the EducationOfficer use education@cacert.org

Typical work activities


The most important project of the Education Officer is the CAcert EducationCampus - just have a look!

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