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Tomáš Trnka

I'm a Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Engineering student at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague (and that is where you can find me almost every day in case you want an Assurance as I'm a proud CAcert Assurer - yes, I've even got a badge! :-)).

As far as CAcert goes, I'm a CAcert Inc. Association Member and somewhat active Policy Group contributor. I've organised the 2009 ATE in Prague, too.

Apart from that I'm a C/C++ (and PHP, too) programmer with a track record of a DNSSEC implementation for DJB's tinydns (a task deemed impossible by many ;-), apparently my employer - a Central European webhosting&stuff provider FORPSI - doesn't take "impossible" as an excuse). I also like to hack KDE and I'm still too lazy to join CAcert's developer group.

Email: <tomastrnka AT SPAMFREE gmx DOT com>


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