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CAcert Inc. association membership

Are you:

If so, Membership of the Association may be for you! Read more on the CAcert Association, and below:

Step 1 - Read the Rules

Read the latest Rules of the Association on the SVN page for Association Bylaws.

Step 2 - Apply

In order to apply, you have to send your application to secretary@ . The application can be:

Words to effect look like this:

Subject: Application for Membership of the Association

I, MY-NAME, of, MY-ADDRESS, hereby apply to become a member of CAcert Incorporated. In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the rules of the association for the time being in force.


You will need a nominator and seconder from the existing membership. Best way to arrange that is to either CC them directly on your email, or CC the board list at cacert-board@lists.c.o . Without the nomination and seconding by two existing members, nothing happens ...

Step 3

The secretary will contact you once your application has been processed (either approved or otherwise) and you will need to pay a 10 EUR per year membership fee

Have a look at http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=21 for account details.

After ?

You get a vote in how CAcert (a non-profit association in Switzerland) is run; You are also eligible for positions on the CAcert board.

So as long as you pay your yearly contribution you will remain as association member.


By the way you do not need to be an association member in order to make use of CAcert cert services. These services are free.

If you want to donate money please do so. You do not need to be an association member to donate funds.

Last but not least

If you enjoy using the free CAcert service, you might want to give something back. Have a look at HelpingCAcert for what you can do.

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