CAcert maintains a blog where users can read about events relevant to CAcert. The blog is free to read, but if you want to write an article you have to sign up. The tool used for CAcert blog is wordpress. The 3 newest articles of the blog is visible on the front page of CAcert.

Guide for users

Before being able to write an article, you need to sign up. This gives you the rights to write (draft) an article, but not to publish it. This is to prevent spam and irrelevant articles/posts. After writing an article, you have to save your drafted article and contact an editor. He will publish the article for you. People who regularly post articles can be granted rights to post their own articles.

Irrelevant articles and spam

Irrelevant articles are articles that are not related to CAcert's business objectives. These articles will not be published.

Spam are articles which can vary from plain advertisement to trying to lure members away and are completely irrelevant to CAcert. Should spam be found in whatever way, the writer will be warned ONCE by the owner of the blog. Should the writer err again, they will be banned from the blog.

If irrelevant articles or spam is noticed on the blog or irrelevant articles or spam are awaiting moderation, The owner of the blog will be informed by the editors about them and make a decision about publishing the article.

The people involved:




Blog owner


Responsible for blog

Blog administrator

Dirk Astrath

Responsible for software and subscriptions


PR, Support

Authors who can also edit and publish other peoples articles


CAcert members (client cert login / automatic registration)

Contributors who can publish their own articles



Can read and write articles



Can read articles

Blog owner

The blog owner is responsible for the blog and makes final decisions. The blog owner grants and removes individual access to the above functions.

Blog administrator

The Blog administrator will take care of the software maintenance and access control.


PR, Events and Marketing have editorial rights. The editors look over each request and text prior to publishing and also edit the text if necessary. They have the right to refuse irrelevant mail or plain spam. Every refusal will be forwarded to the Blog owner who makes the final decision.


Authors have been granted the rights to publish their own articles. If they post irrelevant articles or even spam, They will receive a formal warning and their post will be deleted. Also will their publishing rights be revoked for three months. Should the author err again, then he or she will be banned from the blog.


Contributors are readers who have signed up and are able to write articles for the blog. They have no publishing rights and therefor have to contact an editor who will then publish the article for them.


Everyone. The last few entries of the blog can be read on the front page of To read the whole article, click on the [full story] link or [more news items].

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