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Bernd Jantzen


CAcert involvement

I discovered CAcert when looking for an alternative to the free Thawte certificate service which was stopped in 2009. Although I regret that the CAcert root certificate is not generally included in browsers, e-mail clients and operating systems, I decided to start relying on CAcert certificates for my private e-mail addresses.

So now I, after having my own identity assured with CAcert, I am trying to help CAcert on its way to full recognition as a trusted CA. I agree to those stating that certificates issued by CAcert are at least as trustable as many commercial certificates. But this does not help me when many of my e-mail recipients do not even know CAcert. How can I convince people of using digital certificates anyway if my own certificates are not recognized in their e-mail clients and browsers? So there is much work ahead of us ...


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