Before: Arbitrator: EvaStöwe (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Sebastian B (C), Case: a20160621.1

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Original Dispute


About the original dispute

The claimant tried to dispute an email within the CAcert software, because he believes that the email belongs to him.

This is an option to do if an email that one owns for some reason is in an account of somebody else. Normally this leads to a mail to the owner of the other account who then could delete it if he agrees that the email should be in the other account.

But if the account with the disputed email is blocked, the owner of that account cannot delete the email. Because of this a notification about this situation is created.

The dispute of this case was based on such a notification.

Information collected by investigation


The claiming user should be able to add the requested email to his account by normal means and without an email dispute. If necessary support could be asked for further information how to do this. According to the investigation of critical team this should be sufficient in this case.

The same should be true for comparable situations where the accounts are blocked because of deletion, so a sensible answer to such tickets for support could be to inform users about this possibility. If this does not work the account is probably blocked for other reasons and it has to be handled by Arbitration.

As the email dispute functionality does not work correctly it is sensible to create a bug in the bug-tracker so that the email dispute treats deleted email addresses the same as free email addresses.


1. The member should be able to add the email address to his account himself. No further arbitration activity is necessary in this regard, as far as can seen. If necessary support can provide further help.

2. Support is asked to inform other users in comparable situations about the above possibility that it may be possible to add the email address without dispute if it belongs to a deleted account. If this does not work, the case probably has to be handled by Arbitration.

3. A bug should be created in the bug-tracker to update the email dispute functionality so that it treats deleted email addresses like free email addresses.

Eva Stöwe - 2016-06-29


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