Before: UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: MichaelTänzer (C), Case: a20121127.1

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Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part) (optional)

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Intermediate Ruling #1

Software-Assessment cannot identify current state of bug#855 so a online test verification seems the only reasonable way to get rid of the blocking issue that prevents current TTP assurance program.

Benny Baumann accepts, that a test TTP-assurance to be set over his account, and removed afterwards after verification Testassurance by method "Trusted 3rd Parties" by member Marcus Maengel.

Both parties are generaly bound by SP. Processing is under control of Arbitration. and the system will be reset to state before test case starts.

Support-Engineer shall set TTPadmin flag to member account of Marcus Maengel.

Member Marcus Maengel shall start one Assure Someone Process over Benny Baumann with method "Trusted 3rd Parties"

A screenshot of the TTP record under My Points shall be made by member Marcus Maengel and/or Benny Baumann

Frankfurt/Main 2012-11-27

Intermediate Ruling #2

In live system the results shows that TTP assurance is visible as TTP assurance. Test scenario verified.

Support-Engineer shall revoke TTP assurance made by Marcus Maengel over Benny Baumann

Support-Engineer shall reset TTPadmin flag to 0 on user account Marcus Maengel

Frankfurt/Main 2012-11-27


Frankfurt/Main, 2012-11-28


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