Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A), Respondent: Heinz-Norbert U. (R), Claimant: Ulrich S. (C), Case: a20101009.1

History Log

Discovery (Private Part)



Since the Respondent does not reply to mail messages this is a violation of CCA 2.5.2 and/or 2.3.4.

The Respondent cannot be regarded as "bound into Arbitration" as required by the Assurance Statement 1.1.4, therefor the account shall be locked and all existing certificates shall be revoked.

The Respondent may file a dispute to unlock his account, which will start a normal Arbitration Case. If the Respondent answers within one week of this ruling, this case will be continued instead.

Munich, 2015-03-30


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