please demand a sql query over the CAcert live database to show how many
assured members at present are below 18 years of age. And if possible
ask how many members have been below age of 18 at the time of their
first assurance. Further ask how many assurers are or have been below
age of 18 years.

Yes, I agree to CCA and DRP.

Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Werner Dworak (C), Case: a20091221.1

History Log


A: This is expressly provided for in Policy. The Role of Arbitration in cases such as this is to provide for governance and control. Therefore I issue the following:


Dear Sysadmin Team, please execute following 4 adhoc sql queries against the CAcert database:

query 1 (reference: q1b) select count(*) from (select count( from cacert.notary group by having sum(cacert.notary.points) > 0) as subq;

query 2 (reference: q4) select count(*) from (SELECT count( FROM cacert.users right join cacert.notary on where cacert.users.dob > '1991-12-21' group by as subq;

query 3 (reference: q7) select count(*) from (SELECT count( FROM cacert.users, cacert.notary where = AND DATEDIFF(notary.when,DATE_ADD(users.dob,interval 18 year)) < 0 group by as subq;

query 4 (reference: q3) SELECT count(id) FROM cacert.users where dob > '1991-12-21' and assurer=1;

The expected results doesn't include any privacy informations. So therefor, the results can probably be published. But, before publishing the results, Lambert (CM) and I (A) will have to do a review on the results. So please, send us the results by replying to this email.

There is no data included in the results, that prevents publishing of this data by any policy, or that breaches any rules or policys. So the results can be published like other statistical data under the CAcert main website.

Frankfurt/Main, Dec 23th 2009


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