Wrong 2nd/3rd givenname in account

General information


Hi Support,
I hereby file a dispute against
Name:                   <removed>
Prim. Email Adresse:    <removed>

The name i've found in his IDcard (Bundespersonalausweis) states
his name is:
I've assured <removed> at the <removed>
at <removed> The name in the account displays the 2nd Name as


without hyphen (hyphen missing) As the hyphen combines in Germany 2 names into one name, its also shown in the PracticeOnNames - Forbidden variants:

  Hans-Peter Fröhlich   ->  Hans Fröhlich  -> The hypen connects the two names
                                              to one single name
                                              (at least according to german jurisdiction)

I've made a note on my CAP that a dispute has been filed <removed> but as the ArbitrationCase list shows no open, no running and no closed cases to this name, this dispute seems to be gets lost.


The users account name will be changed to <removed>.


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