i hereby file a dispute against the account with the email address
        post AT mjniessen dot com

I have met Maurice-Jörg Nießen at Linuxtag Berlin in the face-2-face
at the booth at June 25th. I'd verified the name on the CAP against the
in his ID document (German Personalausweis).
The name on the IDcard:     Maurice-Jörg Nießen
The name in the account:    Maurice Jörg Niessen

There are 2 problems with the name in the account:
1. the missing "-" between the both given names
   in Germany two names combined with "-" are
   handled as one single name.
   Thats incorrect in the account.

   count of givennames ->
   Werden zwei Vornamen mit einem Bindestrich verbunden, gelten sie als
ein Name.
   Are there two givennames combined with a dash, this will be one name.

2. Mixing of transliteration
   Jörg -> Joerg
   Nießen -> Niessen
   As stated in "Practice on Names"
   Forbidden variants, row 1
   Name(s) in ID doc        Name(s) in CAcert account    Comment
   Bärbel Fröhlich          Bärbel Froehlich             either
                                                         everywhere or

   Jörg isn't transliterated, Nießen is transliterated
   so this account names falls under the rule: forbidden variant

As the Assuree has yet 70 assurance points something seems to be wrong.

Before: Arbitrator Andreas Bäß (A). Respondent: Maurice-Jörg Nießen (R) Claimant: Ulrich Schroeter (C) Case: a20090717.1


At 2009-11-09 the Arbitrator ruled:

  1. All certificates of the respondant shall be revoked and login to the account postmaster at mjniessen dot com shall be disabled.

  2. The primary email address of the account will be changed to a20090717.1@example.org so it can be used for reference again in other CAcert accounts

  3. Support will give me the email addresses and Names of the assurers that did not comply with the CAcert practice on names by assuring the respondent so I can point them to this practice for future assurances

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