Sebastian claimed : I checked this identity on the website his name is given as "Rob Savoye" (abbreviation of surname to calling name). This account already got 35 points issued.

Before: Arbitrator Bernhard Fröhlich (A). Respondent: Rob(ert) Savoye (R) Claimant: Sebastian Kueppers (C) Case: a20080604.1

  1. A: It has come to my attention that Claimant is a member of the private cacert-arbitration mailing list. Due to a ruling in another pending Arbitration a20080401.1 the Claimant's membership to the arbitration mailing list is temporarily suspended. If a20080401.1 should be concluded before this case I rule that all information posted on the cacert-arbitration mailing list relating to this case should also be forwarded to the Respondents.

  2. A: Claimant: What did the Respondent's identification show when he asked you to assure him?
    • (Answer is not relevant since the Respondent already agreed to the claim).
  3. A: I have checked the Respondent's account and he currently has collected 90 Assurance Points. I rule that support shall deliver the email adresses of all Assurers which have assured the Respondent, so they can be contacted about circumstances of the Assurances.
    • Support provides that the Account has been assured by Matthias Diener, André Gläser and Bart-Jan Vrielink
  4. A: Respondent, do you agree that the first name contained in your ID documents is "Robert"? If this is so, would you agree that all Assurances of your CAcert account may be removed, so that you can change the name associated to this account to "Robert"?
    • R: Yes, I mistakenly used the name everyone calls me by, which is Rob, instead of my legal name of Robert. All my proper IDs (passport, drivers license) use Robert, so this is fine.
  5. A: André, Matthias and Bart-Jan: Do you have notes or memories about those Assurances?
    • André: The CAP form contains the name "Robert" and I'm sure I verified it.
    • Matthias: I can assure that his name is "Robert Evan Savoye".
    • Bart-Jan: Yes, I can clearly remember this. His ID indeed should be Robert Savoye, not Rob.

Note: Currently there is no policy in DRAFT or POLICY status stating details about the matching of names in an account to the names in an ID document. The current Work-in-Progress PolicyOnNames gives two variants proposals, neither of them allowing the abbreviation "Rob" of "Robert". Depending on pending decisions on the policy mailing list there might be the option to abbreviate "Robert" to "R."


Considering the case I give the following ruling:

The case is now closed.

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The same procedure has been applied previously before we've introduced arbitration system.

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