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Lesson 14 - Arbitration - Documentation II - Public / Private Parts

The Arbitration file

Each Arbitration file has the following parts, that relates to the Public or Private part.

Public Part

The Public Part consists of the classical parts Header, History log, Ruling, Execution steps, Similar Cases. The Public Part should contain a link to the Private Part of the Case file. eg Arbitrations/priv/a12345678.1

Private Part

The Private Part consists of the Original Dispute Filing (optional), Discovery (with private infos) (optional) and probably more, that should be invisible to the public.

You can create a Private Part optionally by entering the case number into the "create private case file" from within the template, or you can remove this section on edit the Public Part of the case file.

The Template of the Private Part you'll find here (priv/a201YMMDD.n)

Using INCLUDE function

You can add an INCLUDE() onto your page where applicable

so the private part will be shown on the arbitration file for users who have access to the /priv folder. Others do not see this text from the private file.

User w/o Permission onto Private part

Users w/o permission to the private part sees:

User w/ Permission onto Private part

Users w/ permission to the private part sees:

Multiple Private parts

To have multiple private parts on the Arbitration file, you have to add multiple private files. This is possible, but should be prevented. Instead of using multiple private files (a, b, c, ...), try to group the private file content together and move the private part on the main public file to a position where its applicable, eg. under Discovery

Details ... (optional)


A more detailed proposal of what to put into the case file



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