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Lesson 8 - Init Mailing

Every arbitration case starts with the formal initial mailing with the request to accept CCA and DRP under this arbitration to the Claimant and Respondent. If the respondent is CAcert, initial mailing is not needed for this recipient.

Following template can be used by the Case Manager in writing the initial mail. If no Case Manager has been appointed at this time, an Arbitrator can also write this initial mail.

For initial notification requests on "Delete my Account" request cases please read Lesson 20 - Arbitration Case - Delete Account Request

TO:      email claimants
TO:      email respondents (optional)
CC:      email arbitrator
CC:      email casemanager
CC:      arbitration-archives@c.o
Subject: Arbitration case <new casenumber> init mailing

Dear <claimant / respondent>,

I'll take this case as Case Manager <name casemanager> (<email casemanager>).
The Arbitrator is <name arbitrator> (<email arbitrator>), the case number is <a case number>. 

The status of the case is recorded at [1]. If you notice any missing or wrong information, feel free to provide us your point of view.

Like every case this also is opened by some formalities:

  1. Please reply to this email and confirm that you accept the
     Arbitration under the CAcert Community Agreement [2] and the
     Dispute Resolution Policy [3].
  2. The governing law will be that of NSW, Australia. It is possible
     to request a change of law, but it is unlikely to be helpful in
     this case.
  3. You need to notify me if you are seeking legal counsel (a
     lawyer). This is not recommended. Rather, if you feel the need for
     help, I can ask an experienced Assurer to assist you.
  4. If you feel the case is moving slowly please ask the Dispute Resolution
     Officer for advice via an email to

Alternative text for number 1 if the party is a CAcert member (see also next lesson: Presumptions CCA/DRP Acceptance):

  1. Since you have created a CAcert account it is assumed that 
     you have accepted the CAcert Comunity Agreement [2] and the 
     Dispute Resolution Policy [3]. If you have any reason to believe 
     that you are not bound by them please say so in the answer 
     to this initiating mail.

  5. The next thing I would like both sides to do is to prepare a short
     email that outlines their viewpoint. No longer than a page, please!

Finally, please remember: this forum is about sorting out our common 
difficulties and improving our ability to secure ourselves. Unlike other 
forums, we will all be required to work together after this Arbitration, 
so I ask you to maintain a positive and helpful spirit at all times!

CM's or A's  signature

[1]<case number>
[2]  CAcert Community Agreement
[3]   Dispute Resolution Policy

[4] Security Policy




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