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Andreas Bäß

Ongoing projects:

  1. Organisation Assurer Trainee
  2. Establishing a software development process at CAcert
    At this point I like to thank all the folowing people for motivating me an contributing to this project (in alphabetical order):

    • Daniel Black
    • Dirk Astrath
    • Ian Grigg
    • Markus Warg
    • Michael Tänzer
    • Phillip Gühring
    • Ulrich Schoeter
    • Wytze van der Ray

    YOU can help CAcert to improve by joining this project. We are seeking community members that are willing to file enhancement requests, write code and test what the programmers have written. If you want to jointhis project drop me a mail and I will come back to you.

Email: <andreas DOT baess AT cacert SPAMFREE DOT ORG>


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