The Advisory is a group of informal, independent senior managerial people who can provide advice on various issues to CAcert. They make no decisions, instead they write policy documents and advices which are provided to others. These advices may be used as seen fit.

Advisory can be contacted by mailing the policy mailing list.


The informal mandate is:

As taken from a proposal April 2007 to Policy list.


Advisory has found themselves in these main areas:


Minutes of Advisory meetings.


Advisory was mostly active in 2007. As of the September 'top' and the November 2007 AGM, advisory faded from view.


Teus Hagen, Founder of Oophaga, founder of european and dutch unix users groups, godfather of Internet initiatives EUnet and NLnet, president of NLnet for more then 10 years. Retiring at the moment. Well known for his work on Open Source initiatives. Resigned from Advisory when elected to board, November 2007.

Iang, financial cryptographer, Independent Auditor of CAcert's CA.

Jens Paul, Managing Partner of Paul-Datenverarbeitung GmbH, a 25 employee IT consultancy in Germany. Resigned from Advisory, around December 2007.

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