Delete Common Seal


39 in archaic anglo corporate practice, a physical "seal" was generally held by the Public Officer for use in contracts that had special conditions. This is no longer practiced widely, and as far as we can tell, CAcert has not ever had a common seal.

As the practice of the Board is to decide all such things by a motion in a meeting (which is required for use of the seal anyway), as most or all contracts are digital, it is proposed to drop this clause.

Not a high priority.


By deleting rule 39 "Common seal" in its entirety.

Old Text of rule 39

39      Common seal
(1)     The common seal of the association must be kept in the custody of the public officer.
(2)     The common seal must not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of the committee and the affixing of the common seal must be attested by the signatures either of 2 members of the committee or of 1 member of the committee and of the public officer or secretary.


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