Annual General Meeting 2021/2022 on November, 12th, 2022, 20:00 UTC

Welcome to the AGM 2022

Even if the AGM will be held online, you may want to visit Geneva (or for your business trips to another place or some "stay-at-home-holidays" wherever), using this link:

Annual General Meeting 2022, Saturday, 12. November 2022, 20:00:00 UTC = Sat 21:00 Central Europe* = Sat 15:00 NY* = Sun 07:00 Sydney*.....

Please pay the annual fee of 10€ before the meeting by bank transfer or by paypal.
Check the fees of your bank before paying.

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This is the discussion page for the next AGM on xxxth Nov. 2022. This page is used to refer to discussions happening around the proposed business.

Report Works-in-Progress

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  1. Meeting Administration
    1. Who is making minutes?
    2. Identification of members with voting rights
    3. Identify proxy votes
    4. Identification and acceptance of new members
    5. Urgent Business (Acceptance of additional resolution into the agenda)?
  2. Ratification of Minutes


For the Secretary?