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You would like to work for CAcert. Here you will find answers to the most important questions.

Who is CAcert?

CAcert is a community of over 350 thousand members. The community is represented by a non-profit association, CAcert Inc.

What does CAcert do?

CAcert is the leading provider of free certificates. Digital certificates are required for identification, digital signatures, etc.

How can I start? (basics)

  1. First, become a member of the CAcert community. To do this, you need to open an account at

  2. have your identity assured (verified) on the web of trust (WOT).
  3. then, become an Assurer yourself.

How can I participate?

  1. read e-mail lists that interest you (current month, in the archive), subscribe to e-mail lists. Ask questions, answer questions.

  2. offer your assistance, your help.

What are the earning opportunities?

CAcert is a community-driven project. CAcert Inc. is a non-profit association. Volunteers are responsible for all tasks. The donations are needed for the operation of the servers.

What is the point of working at CAcert?

You can solve exciting, tricky and interesting tasks. Work with nice people around the globe and learn how to organize with different communication channels. Try out new ideas, bring in your own ideas, let yourself be inspired and inspire others! Gain experience.

You can list your work at CAcert in your CV. If you are looking for a job, there will be no gaps. If you are a student, this is proof of your commitment to the course of study and enables you to take your first steps in practice. If references or confirmations are common in your country, please contact the secretary of CAcert Inc.

Can I do an internship at CAcert?

Of course, of course! On the job page, choose a suitable task and get started!

I found a paid job. What now?

We are very happy about that. As a volunteer, you are not bound by contract. There are therefore no notice periods to be observed. However, it would be nice if you would remain an active member of the CAcert-community - of course, on a smaller scale. Most of us work here alongside our work and family.

I have another question

No problem, ask the people who are part of CAcert. Write an e-mail to cacert AT lists DOT cacert DOT org (in english).

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