Tverify Programme

The Tverify programme was shut down 16th November 2009 according to m20090928.1.


According to m20090928.1, all Members who have come in via Tverify from Thawte will have a year to get assured by other means!


All the points allocated by the Tverify system will be struck off. This means that the Assurance Points (from 1 to 100) that were awarded by the system for previous experience will expire. Any Assurance Points allocated to you by any other Assurers within the WoT will remain, including ones done by Assurers with only Tverify points.

For example, if you came in through Tverify, and:


Q: What happens to the assurances done by people coming in via Tverify? Are they struck off too?

Q: Why is this happening? We did all this on good faith, it seems unfair!

Q: I was able to allow up to 35 points for each assurance I made, will I start back with the minimum 10 points ? Or continue with the ability to allow 35 points ??

Q: I know a lot of people in this situation, everyone is asking! What do I do?

Q: Is this the same as Thawte Notary programme? Why the change of name?

Q: How do I get assured when I am in a more remote area?

Q: Where are these replacements? How can I help?

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