TTP-TOPUP Assurer (TTP-Admins II)

Questions that needs to be answered on this page

Open questions

State of TTP-TOPUP Assurer role

TTP-TOPUP Assurer (volunteers)

TTP-TOPUP Assurer (active)

TTP-TOPUP Assurer Tasks I

What are the tasks of a TTP-TOPUP Assurer?

The tasks of a TTP-TOPUP Assurer are:

How to verify the liability of a TTP?

Have a look in the list of approved TTP for the desired country if the TTP is approved.

Go to the country list to verify the TTP eg with the registration number. In some cases there are registers to crosscheck the registration number otherwise there should be an advice there how to check the TTP.



TTPs Approved List

Will there be a mailing list for TTP?

Where to redirect TTP-Users, TTP-Notaries questions ?

What material will be avialable for with TTP-TOPUP Assurers?


Does the TTP-TOPUP Assurer needs the TTP CAP forms?

Proposal of the TTP TOPUP process

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