Proposal TTP-CAP From

> * The CAP form therefore should have a third part for the TTP where the
> gives the needed information about himself as name, address, resitration
> Or similar, siginature and if possible seal.

From old TTP form source code:

 _("The CAcert Trusted Third Party (TTP) Programme is designed to assure
Internet user identities through personal verification of government
issued identity documents.")));
 _("The Applicant asks you to certify to CAcert that you have met with the
Applicant and verified the Full Name, Date of Birth, and ID Numbers of the
Applicant against two separate original government issued photo-identity
documents. Once the photocopies of the photo IDs have been verified by the
TTP they must be signed by the TTP with the statement 'I certify that this
copy is a true copy of the original document'.  The verified and signed
photocopies of IDs are then to be included with the completed TTP forms
and returned to CAcert Inc.")));
 _("Please complete and sign this form, and sign the photocopies of the
IDs, to acknowledge that").":"));
_("You have viewed two of the Applicant's photo identity documents and you
are convinced of their authenticity, and are convinced that the photos
indeed depict the Applicant (allowed documents are government-issued
documents with photos such as driver's license, passport, or others that
are normally accepted as legal identification in your country; expired
documents are allowed).")));
_("You have verified that the Full Name, Date of Birth, and ID Numbers on
the identity documents matches those filled in the Applicant section below
and in the photocopies provided.")));
_("If you have ANY doubts or concerns about the identity of the Applicant
then please DO NOT COMPLETE AND SIGN this form. For more information about
the Web of Trust, including detailed guides for Trusted Third Parties,
please see: %s")), ""));
 _("PLEASE NOTE: You must get 2 fully completed TTP forms before sending
anything to CAcert. Failure to do so will only cause your application to
be delayed until all forms have been received by CAcert!")));

// TTP Section
_("Person Verifying Applicant's Identity")));
_("Office Street Address").":"));
_("Profession (Please circle one)")).":");
_("Justice of the Peace, Public Notary, Lawyer, Accountant, or Bank
_("Bar Association, CPA Number or Bank Name and Branch, JP/Notary
_("as applicable")."):"));

So yes, also the "old" form contains a section for the TTP

The text needs to be modified for the current requirements (at least one
govermental issued photo ID)
I can't remember about a copy of the IDdocs within the
The applicants email is probably missing in the old form.
Whats also needed:
- the order to the TTP to do the verification and also the order to
  a TTP-assurer to do the CAcert assurance part
- acceptance of the CCA
Date, Location of the meeting

a new TTP CAP form can be the form of this:

text                                        to be filled
by applicant                          by TTP         by TTP-assurer

                                      checked        checked

Age below 18 ?
                     -> stop assurance until further deployment

F2F meeting                             x
Assuree requests TOPUP ?                x
Account exists?                         x
Name                                    x
DoB                                     x
Primary Email                           x

Order to TTP + TTP-Assurer              x
CCA acceptance
  - CAcert own Arbitration              x
  - Liability 1000 Euro                 x

Date, Location                          x
Signature                               x

TTP part
Office ID (?)
Profession (?)
Date, Location, Signature

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