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State of TTP Assurer role

TTP Assurers nomination and removal procedure

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TTP-Assurer Nomination Procedure (finalized)

TTP assurers Nomination Procedure - detailed

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TTP Assurer Tasks I - Prepare TTP CAP

  1. WoT - Assure Someone
  2. Enter Email of assuree who requests TTP
  3. Assure someone page - bottom line - Show TTP details

  4. Enter your postal address in lines 1 to lines 5 (your name, street, city, country or whatever is required to send you a snailmail)
  5. select the country the user comes from
    • in case the country the user comes from is not listed Dont complete TTP CAP preparation!

      • On the form the sentence Country where the TTP will be visited is used. This means: if in the assurees country TTP program is yet not deployed, a visit to a country that has the new TTP program deployed may be an option to those who wants becoming assured.


TTP Assurer Tasks II - TTP assisted assurance

What are the tasks of a TTP Assurer?

The tasks of a TTP Assurer is:

How to verify the reliability of a TTP?

Have a look into the list of approved TTP for the desired country whether the TTP is approved.

Go to the country list to verify the TTP e.g. with the registration number. In some cases there are registers to cross check the registration number, otherwise there should be an advice there how to check the TTP.

Procedure for TTP-assurers


  1. User sends request via mail to Support (or TTP group)
  2. Support checks user account and enters result in a note into OTRS:
    • Are TTP assurances entered?
      • If one is present, write down the place, date, registration number and name of TTP as well as the name of the TTP Assurer
      • If two are present, write down for each the place, date, registration number and name of TTP as well as the name of the TTP Assurer and request for TTP TOPUP
      • If two TTP and a TTP TOPUP entries are present, stop process
    • If account shows more than 100 points, stop process
    • Name, DoB and primary email address of the user are entered (why DoB needs to be added to the OTRS ticket ?!?), Name and email should be enough to contact the requestor
  3. Support forwards request to TTP mailing list and closes the ticket.
  4. One of the available TTP admin picks up the request, prepares a PDF and sends it to the primary email address of the user, adding his own postal address to the mail (+ TTPadmins email address: the TTP user receives the email and can reply to the TTP Admin, the TTP cannot reply the email to the TTP user, so therefor the email address of the TTP admin should be added to the TTPCAP form)
    • The TTP Assurer creates a TTP CAP form as PDF form for internal use. TTP admin goes to WoT and Assurer someone to get the personal data but does not finish the assurance.
      In this form the TTP Assurer enters the user name, DoB and primary email address and creates a personalized PDF file for the user.
      The TTP Assurer sends this PDF file to the user with his own postal address. The TTP user prepares an envelope and hands it over to the TTP. The TTP sends back the filled and signed TTP CAP form in the prepared envelope.
      If it is the second request, the TTP Assurer has to point out that the user is not allowed to go to the first TTP again, which shall be stated clearly in the mailing.

       Dear <user>,
       you requested a TTP assurance. Attached you will find the personalized TTP CAP form.
       Please print this out and take all pages to the meeting with the TTP.
       Check if your personal data entered in the TTP CAP is correct. If there are any errors report them to me.
       <Optional: Your first TTP assurance was done with <name first TTP> in <place of first TTP>.
       You are not allowed to do the second TTP assurance with the same person. 
       In case you will take the same TTP again, the assurance will not be accepted and not entered into the system.> 
       Once you finished the meeting with the TTP, send back the filled, signed and sealed page to my postal address:
       TTP Assurer
       Town ZIP
       If anything is unclear or you want additional information, do not hesitate to ask.
       Best regards
       TTP Assurer 
  5. The user goes to the TTP, gets verified. The TTP sends back the filled form via paper mail to the TTP Assurer

Entering TTP-assisted-assurances into the Online system

  1. TTP Admin enters TTP Assurance "Assure someone" (/wot.php?id=5) into the WoT part of the software.
    Regard the following changes compared to a normal assurance:

    • method: TTP
    • location: Place, Name of TTP, registration Number, date of TTP f2f meeting
    • date: Date the TTP admin enters the TTP assisted assurance into the system
    • /!\ I certify that [username] has appeared in person

      Name:       Hans Dampf 
      DoB         1950-01-01
       [ ]        I certify that Hans Dampf has appeared in person     <===  requires to be checked by software
      in case Bug Bug:1137  has passed, Bug Bug:1137 installed to production 2013-09-06
        [X] Checked  I verify that <username> has accepted the CAcert Community Agreement.
      Location:   Alberta, MrTTP, TTP12345, 2012-11-08
      Date:       2012-11-26
      Method      Trusted 3rd Parties
       [Checked]  I believe that the assertion of identity I am making
                  is correct, complete and verifiable. I have seen
                  original documentation attesting to this identity.
                  I accept that the CAcert Arbitrator may call upon me
                  to provide evidence in any dispute, and I may be held
       [Checked]  I have read and understood the Assurance Policy and
                  the Assurance Handbook and am making this Assurance
                  subject to and in compliance with the policy and handbook.
      Points      35


Where to find CAP forms?

First draftCAP forms for TTP-Assisted-Assurances (WIP) of a TTP-CAP form. As there is a actual TTP CAP available you have to request it via support.

Draft You have to request a TTP-CAP-Form with an email to support.

Questions and Answers


List of Approved TTPs

Will there be a mailing list for TTPs?

Where to direct TTP Users' and TTP Notaries' questions?

Where to send the CAP forms from TTPs so they can be received by TTP Assurers?

Since the TTP Assurer sends a pre-filled TTP CAP form with his postal address to the user, the TTP user and TTP knows where to send the TTP CAP form to.

Shall the available list of TTP Assurer be announced to TTP users? To TTP Notaries?

Current State Software



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