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Sun4 is a host machine that runs OpenSuSE 11 and a number of Xen virtual servers.

Physical Location

This system is located in rack 3.7 in BIT-2B.

Physical Configuration

See SystemAdministration/EquipmentList

Logical location

Applicable Documentation

This is it :-)


System Admin:


Listening services

To be completed.

Running services

To be completed.

Other services

To be completed.

Connected Systems

Outbound network connections


Non-distribution packages and modifications

Risk assessments on critical packages


Xen server navigation

  1. list Xen servers - sudo xm list
  2. grab Xen server console - sudo xm console {machine}

where are the Xen server configurations

building Xen servers

Critical Configuration items

== Start ==

After a statrt of this server it's not possible to enter the crypto-password for the harddisk using the ILOM/ELOM-textconsole.

To enter this password, you need to use the "Remote Console", which can be started using Admin-Web-Environment.

Unfortunately this web-environment is not working with recent browsers and java implementations.

In detail:

If the environment is set up, login via Firefox, start Remote Console and open the *.jnlp-file using /bin/javaws.

== Firewall ==

To be completed.



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