The following is a pre-approved agreement for our Assurers to provide infrastructure hosting services to the Community, as approved m20100829.6

Minimalist hosting service and sponsorship agreement

  1. this agreement is between you, an Assurer or Assured Organisation of CAcert Community, and CAcert Inc, representing the Community.
  2. you agree to supply the service for CAcert's Community purposes, as described in Appendix A. below.
  3. you will:
    1. provide initial install.
    2. operate as a sysadm-in-reserve at the host level for restarting,
    3. provide information and assistance for security and access by our sysadms.
  4. CAcert's sysadms will manage the VMs, applications and backups. You are encouraged to participate.
  5. In exchange for service, CAcert will distribute a standard logo + link on CAcert's main site, subject to mutual approval.
  6. This agreement is for 2 years, with automatic one monthly extensions thereafter. Either may terminate this agreement with one month's notice.
  7. As this is a Community project, we agree to refer all disputes arising out of or in connection to this agreement to a single CAcert Arbitrator under the rules of DRP.

Appendix A Configuration

The Machine's configuration should be negotiated with Infrastructure Team Leader in email with subject "MiniHAG, Appendix A". The contents of Appendix A should be one variant of the below:

(Select one.)

Registry of Infrastructure Hosting Providers (Assurers)

Name of Hoster

Responsible Assurers

Documentation / Pointer

Comments (e.g., purpose


Iang, Matthias G


for testing purposes, more VMs on demand

Comments, improvements


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