Support Engineer's template emails (old).


Hi ,

You've been approved for codesigning as you have the CAcert assurer status.

Please find an extra check box (codesigning) on the new client cert panel.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

As you don't have trust point, I can delete your account.

You account is now gone.

You have trust points. You have links with others CAcert users. I cannot delete your account them.

Your account can now live freely in CAcert system. Be sure, we would take care of your data.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

First, is it about a password recovery or is it a donation, please ?

In the later case, we would like to thank you for the support you have offered to CAcert Association. Whatever amount is a kind gift :)

The association is still progressing to have the CAcert root certificate included in Mozilla browser, then later into Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We hope you'll keep enjoying CAcert certificates.


Hello ,

We are starting an investigation to figure out what is going on.

We won't miss to contact you if we need to go deeper in the analysis or provide you with conclusions.

note : we are currently doing website/system improvement, so I guess the problem comes from the changes.

As far as we know, some older revocations were not completed, we have improved the signing machine so we guess the stalled revocations have been completed in the last hours.

Thank you for reporting the problem


Hi ,

As, you don't have any trust points in your CAcert account, I send you a new credential directly.

Ok, I have checked your account.

here is what you need :

Please make sure you change this provided key, then check or fill your 5 questions and answers and generate a client certificate you put in a safe place on an usb key (and update it every one or two years in order to be able to login to your CAcert account)

Within a couple of days, when you are sure that CAcert support does no longer need your id, please ask us to delete the email containing your personal pieces of information.

As you have XXX points, here is the procedure.

if you would like more pieces of information, take time to read

I'll need to see a scanned copy of a photo id, so I can check your account and send you a new password.

Here's a signed email from Please have a look at the certificate used to sign this email.

You can now send the scanned id back to me in a ciphered format. Please ack you have sent the email to me as I get plenty of emails.

Please make sure you DON'T send it cleartext to

Feel free to ask any question you would need.


I need to make sure you have the certificate loaded in the windows keystore. Please see if you find the one that expires. see config panel / Internet options / content / certificates /personal certs

in case you see it and cannot renew, please try to export the certificate in a .p12 file then load it into Firefox 2 (or 3) and try again to load the certificate from firefox, then you can export and import back to MS keystore.

Please, give me a feedback.


Hi ,

You have been granted a CAcert organisation account for ORGANISATIONNAME, you are admin for the organisation.

Please check your personal account, you'll find extra entries in the right menu, so you can manage the organisation features of CAcert.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


ok, the next step, I have flagged your account as 'Org Admin', so You'll find extra entries on the right menu in CAcert website when logged.

You'll find a "new organisation" entry where you can enter the organisation piece of information : Name / town / Area / Country (2 letters ISO CODE), list of domain names, and list of admins.

The Org Name is O= Organisation field in the certificate and so on for the other entries. The contact email is put in the certificates when applicable (server certs).

When you add an admin, the main admin must have "main account" set to Yes and you can add a department which matches the OU Organisation Unit inserted in the certificates used by the admin. Unless the user requests a special OU, we usually leave the department blank.

The admin with the main account can/is free to delegate the admin task to other users.

There is a free comment on organisation info and org admin pages. On my side, I usually use a formatted string like "Added on Month Day year, by NameOrNickName, extra comment if needed" in case you modify later the name, you can add "modified on NewDate, extra comment about what was modified"


Hi ,

We'll need to know if you have knowledge in [country] company laws, please. In that case, we could think of you as an OA assurer. At the same time you can think of a sub policy for [country]

The role of assurer is there :

Feel free to ask for any question if you need.


Hi ,

We're pleased to inform you that we have created an Organisation account for your entity.

Please connect to your personal account, you will find a couple of extra menu entries on the right side of CAcert website. You'll be able to manage your certificates.

Check the data when possible and issue a couple of certificates as well to test the correct behaviour of the certificate issuing.

Please, feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

This means you have looked at your passphrase or someone else have done it.

Please make sure you can still access your account, and if you are not sure, change the password.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


There are a couple of ways to register a domain name at CAcert.

You are talking about [user domain name]

Try to add your email address in the WHOIS information as contact address, so CAcert can propose you this email address in the email list for the domain name.

Else if you'll have to ask your provider to create temporarily one of the authoritative emails addresses (root,hostmaster,postmaster,admin,webmaster)

Feel free to ask any other question if you need.


Hi ,

The rounding to ZERO is normal as you have more than 100 points.

Otherwise, your assurer has gained 2 points for the assurer (till he has 150 points)

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

CAcert is still underway to be audited. So in the meantime, you can use a CAcert client certificate to sign your word document but you still need to add the CAcert root certificate in the user Windows keystore, one time ever.

So if the users are using Windows XP (or below) you can ask them to go, one time only, to and click on the link "Click here if you want to import the root certificate into Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x" After, you are free to deliver your Word,Excel documents.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

The whole procedure is here

and when you have read, you'll need to go to

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

ok, you'll get an signed email from Robert who is handling TTP requests in Australia.

I only use S/MIME so best use that method to get documents back to me securely.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.


Hi ,

Please, send a request to Treasurer, our kind treasurer who handles the TTP requests from Australia.

He'll send you a signed email, so you can cipher the data back to him.

Treasurer only use S/MIME so best use that method to get documents back to him securely.

Also, I have signed this email, please look at the certificate details.

Feel free to ask any question if you need.

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