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How to handle cases that are similar to precedent case a20110330.1 (Name Change after Marriage w/ Assurance)


If a community member wants to change his or her last name in the CAcert account after a marriage, s/he needs to prove this name change with at least two assurances. S/He should state to the assurer that s/he wants a "Name change with assurance", so the assurer knows that there will be some action coming up.

If there is only one assurer available or there are other hints that the preconditions needed are not fulfilled, the ticket is moved to dispute.

Handling within Support

Once a mail reaches support, that a community member wants to have a "Name change with assurance", support initiates the process. It does not matter if the mail comes from the assurer or from the member.

Another case to start the process could be, that the community member asks support how to get his/her name changed after marriage. Here support will send a mail to explain the procedure and then follows the process.

The process is initiated by an email to the community member asking him/her to confirm that s/he wants the name change and that s/he should provide a list of assurers who can make assurances to prove the name change. This mail needs to be signed with the CARS statement.

Each assurer quoted by the community member will get an email where he is asked by support to confirm the name change request by the user according to his records that he made during the assurances. This confirmation needs to be signed with the CARS statement.

If at least two assurer can confirm the name change request, support is allowed to execute the name change in the community members account. After the execution of the name change this needs to be documented in a note inside OTRS.

In any case the member has to agree with the assurer which documents are available to prove the name chance and which documents the assurer wants to see. This can be a new ID card only, if there is clearly stated "born as:". This can be additionally an old ID card or other primary document with the old name, this can be a certificate of marriage or whatever. Since the assurer only sees the documents and notices the essential data only and does no copies, even delicate documents should be no issue. To be safe, the member better should have too many than too few documents at hand.

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