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How to handle cases that are similar to precedent case a20110119.1 (Changing transliteration (diacritics) in my first name), precedent case a20100227.1 (Removal of middle name) and precedent case a20110610.1 (Removal of suffix)

First the SE must check if the preconditions are met.

The preconditions are fixed in these documents

Basic rule

The reduction of name information is allowed as long as at least one first name and the last name are left over.

* Link to Support only part Mailing (Private Part)

Assurer advice

Is there a need to give the assurers that assured a wrong suffix / middle name an advice?

'New' Proactive action by SE

If a SE handles a case where he needs to see the users account data, e.g. within password reset procedure, and gets aware of a suffix in the users name that is not in compliance to PoN definition he is allowed to contact the user also about a potential suffix problem. By doing so, Support-Engineer has to open a new ticket number, that does not relate to the original Support request by the user, so a potential suffix removal request becomes handled within its own support ticket.

A suggestion but no requirement is, that the following suffix removal request by the user is handled by another Support-Engineer then the SE who started the suffix removal request thread with the user.

Reference documents

[1] Precedent case a20110119.1

[2] Precedent case a20100227.1 Ruling Part I

[3] Precedent case a20110610.1

[4] PracticeOnNames

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