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How to handle cases that are similar to precedent case a20101025.1 Removing post from a CAcert mailing list

The procedure can be used by Support Engineer and any list owner of a CAcert mailing list.

First the SE / list owner must check if the preconditions are met.

The preconditions are fixed in these documents


Step 1

SE or list owner checks if the preconditions to remove the requested post from the mailing list are met.

Step 2

SE or list owner removes the post from the mailing list.

Step 3

SE or list owner informs the user about the removal.

Possible answer to the user requesting the removal

Dear <user>,

I deleted your post from the mailing list CAcert-<xxxx> following the 
precedent case a20101025.1 [1].

CAcert is not able to delete copies of the requested post that are stored 
in copies of the mailing list hosted on other archives, as CAcert is not 
responsible for those copies.


Step 4

If the removal was made by the list owner, the list owner sends the request with the execution statement and the link to the original post to support@c.o. for documentation.

Step 5

SE enters information into the Audit Section of precedent case a20101025.1.

Reference documents

[1] Precedent case a20101025.1

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