CAcert Inc. Special General Meeting 2011-05-08

A Special General Meeting, has been called by Secretary Mario Lipinski. Call.

The meeting will be held the Sunday, May 8th 2011 at 20:00 UTC in the IRC channel #SGM on the IRC server. Procedures should be followed, check there for more help. To help, please be there very early so we can get people voiced up.

The meeting is public, everyone is allowed to attend. The SGM will be moderated, only association members will be voiced.

Please make sure your fees are paid up.


Dear Members,

The committee of CAcert Inc. has, in accordance with Part 2, rule 13 of the associations rules called a Special General Meeting of CAcert Inc. for Sunday, May 8th 2011 at 20:00 UTC to take place in the IRC channel #sgm on

Proxys have to be notified to before 2011-05-07 20:00 UTC in signed mail. Early votes seem not to be possible for this meeting because of the required procedures.

The only business to be transacted at this meeting is the appeal of Guillaume Romagny against the board decission regarding the complaint by Ulrich Schröter under rule 12. His request for appeal [1] is attached, containing the full quoted statement by the board which is also available from the list archives [2].

Feel free to use the mailing list by copying mails there or the wiki page for coordination with others members.

Please also ensure that your membership dues are current, as you may not be entitled to vote otherwise. You are currently paid up until 2016-06-30 (*).

(*) Especially if you paid via bank transfer your payment might not have been processed yet. In this case or you feel anything is wrong regarding your payment contact so this can be sorted out in time.

[1] [2]

Mario Lipinski CAcert Inc. Secretary


Minutes of SGM 2011-05-08

0. Pre-Meeting

0.1 Call for Special General Meeting 2011-05-08

0.2 Agenda

0.3 Administration

Voting. VoteBot was approved by the previous committee for use in the past GM's eg. m20090701.1 and the current committee saw fit not to change it. VoteBot was improved by Philipp Dunkel for this session, removing some of the difficulties seen in previous GM's. Philipp Dunkel did some enhancements to the code so private voting to votebot is possible for this meeting.

Typographical Notes. All times are UTC. Minutes prepared by Dirk Astrath, enhanced by Ulrich Schroeter. Source material was the IRC log (times in irc log are CEST local time (-2 hour for UTC times)) recorded by Marcus Maengel.

1. Meeting Administration

The SGM was held on 2011-05-08 via IRC.

1.1 Identification of members with voting rights

Secretary Mario Lipinski "voiced" the members that were entitled to vote.

1.2 Business

Agenda presented:

2. Ordinary Resolutions

2.1 Ordinary Resolution: The appeal by Guillaume Romagny

3. Question time

4. Meeting closure

Chair closed SGM at 21:10 UTC. Thanks all!

5. Motions within SGM

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