CAcert Inc. Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting has been requested by Nicholas Bebout and seconded by Mario Lipinski. For this SGM the following is proposed as the


  1. Acceptance of new members. (E.Schwob, A.B├╝rki, I.Grigg)
  2. Vote that the committee of management no longer enjoys the confidence of the members.
  3. Vote that the committee is hereby removed from office and election of a committee shall immediately follow adoption of this resolution.
  4. Election of a new committee of management.
  5. New committee is instructed to review all decisions of previous committee for legality and conformance with procedure, and to present report to AGM. please note this suggestion provided by non-member.

  6. vote that: Previous and future committee to confirm that CAcert and especially the board are to be fully open in all things. please note this suggestion provided by non-member.

    • from Security Policy, Management Assertion, tradition, Arbitration, Policy on Policy
    • publish all board logs and all relevant communication, even if private.